London Bus Set 10258

Set Number: 10258

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Cover Art for 5702015865296, London Bus Set 10258 by LEGO
EAN: 5702015865296
Published: 1 January, 2017
Format: Toy
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The London Bus has various brick features and details. These include the large windows, the bright red body with the typical curves, the panoramic windscreen, the double-sided advertising posters, which are enclosed as printed labels, as well as the specially made tread tyres and a sign with the destination. The model also features a hinged bonnet with motor and a detailed cab with sliding door. Roof and top deck can be removed to provide access to the detailed lower deck.Details in the lower deck include the "worn-out" seats as well as the open rear entry with grab rail, waste paper basket for devalued tickets, fire extinguisher and half-spiral staircase to the viewing deck. For even more authenticity, the items left behind, such as a forgotten umbrella, a newspaper, an empty drink can and a thrown away chewing gum.With the double-sided printed advertising posters in the style of the 1950s or with advertising for today's London, you can add the desired nostalgic or modern touch.Take off the roof and top deck to get free access to the detailed lower deck.Slide open the driver's door to access the detailed driver's cab with the panoramic windscreen.


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