The Villages, The

Cover Art for 9781587153990, The Villages, The by Dave Hutchinson
ISBN: 9781587153990
Publisher: Cosmos Books,US
Published: 1 August, 2001
Format: Paperback
Language: English

Fresh out of University, young Tim Ramsay is ready to make his mark in the world. Desperate for work, he agrees to take on the low-paying thankless job of researcher for Lonesome Charley Productions -- an indendant film company putting together the definative historical documentary of Hitler's Blitz on London during WWII. Before the movie is anywhere near completion, Lonesome Charley's boss, along with his secretary, disappear without a trace. Poor Tim finds himself holding the bag, with television sponsors, bill collectors, and the police all crawling down his neck for money and explanations -- neither of which Tim has. Determined to track down his boss, Tim sets out on a search that will take him from England to Poland, where he'll stumble upon a remarkable life-altering secret in places known only as... The Villages.


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