The Ghost in the Shell Deluxe Complete Box Set

Cover Art for 9781632366429, The Ghost in the Shell Deluxe Complete Box Set by Masamune Shirow
ISBN: 9781632366429
Publisher: Kodansha Comics
Published: 14 November, 2017
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
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Deep into the twenty-first century, the line between man and machine has been blurred as humans rely on the enhancement of mechanical implants and robots are upgraded with human tissue. In this rapidly converging landscape, cyborg superagent Major Motoko Kusanagi is charged to track down the craftiest and most dangerous terrorists and cybercriminals, including oghost hackerso who are capable of exploiting the human/machine interface and reprogramming humans to become puppets to carry out the hackers' criminal ends. Story Locale- Tokyo Series Overview- Following World Wars III and IV a Japanese-led Asian block dominates the world. A key element in the maintenance of the block's position is the elite Japanese security police, the Section 9 task force. This is an exciting and skillful work that realistically probes uses of artificial intelligence and odirect interfacingo with machines, and which questions where mankind's technological and medical progress will lead.


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