The Book of the Year

Cover Art for 9781847948199, The Book of the Year by No Such Thing As A Fish
ISBN: 9781847948199
Publisher: Random House Books
Published: 2 November, 2017
Format: Hardcover
Language: English

The Book of the Year will be precisely what its title promises- an entertaining, fact-filled journey into the more bizarre reaches of the past twelve months. Among many, many other things, it will establish- A Who has played the greater number of golf rounds since the turn of 2017- Rory McIlroy or Donald Trump. A Precisely how many members of Britain's Parachute Regiment aren't actually qualified to use parachutes. A Why a parliamentary inquiry into why parliamentary inquiries take so long has been delayed. Venturing fearlessly from Australia (where toad-flavoured sausages are being deployed to stop predators from eating real toads) to India (where you can now buy a washing machine with a special curry stain button), this will be the year, not as the headlines defined it, but as it ought to be remembered. The Book of the Year will prove the perfect Christmas gift, the ideal conversation starter (and stopper), and the ultimate source of wisdom for all lovers of trivia.


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